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Our pleated blinds are especially well suited to the facades of structures, but they are incredibly versatile and can be deployed in a range of situations. Our pleated integrated blinds ensure that your double-glazed windows will remain effective insulators for a long time to come. They offer exceptional protection against the build-up of dirt and intense weather conditions that can reduce the window’s insulating properties over time.

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Our windows operate via the use of an external magnet. This magnetic device is secured with high-resistance adhesive tape and inside is a cord loop and magnet. Movement of the cord allows the rotation of the magnets, which in turn activate the blind itself. A special cord tensioner, applied directly to the glass, ensures that the cord is kept under tension at all times.


excellent protection against solar rays, while also allowing you to easily and precisely control the amount of lighting in your environment.

Owing to the transparency of the glass, standard double-glazing units are often inadequate in providing reliable control of the solar energy that passes through them. With an integral blind fitted in the cavity, the system will filter out the light. By adjusting the blinds, for example, tilting the slits in a Venetian blind, you can alter the light that it blocks and lets through. The temperature of your room, both in terms of colour and environment, will make a big difference to how the space feels. Taking control of your environment with an integral blind system will allow you to achieve the results you desire.

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manufactured to the highest standards

Our Integral blinds are manufactured to the highest standards

and specifications. Once sealed in the dust-free environment

of the glazing cavity they will require no cleaning, always appear

new and are protected from damage.

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