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Our integral blind systems offer ultimate performance and put you in complete control of the light and shade in your home. But such a system is no good if it is difficult to control and utilise fully. Fortunately, we offer a variety of control systems, ensuring there is an option for every setup and preference. In addition to our fully automated and motorised systems, we also offer more traditional manual choices. For example, our Venetian blinds can be operated via the rotation of a ‘wand’ attached to the top of the pane. Twisting the wand opens and closes the blinds.

C system - magnetic control

The C-system allows for the easy and versatile control of integrated blinds. It allows for full tilting, raising, and lowering of the blinds via the use of the force produced by a pair of rotational magnetic devices. One of the sets of magnets is applied to the external glass, while the other is inserted into the headrail of the blind, inside the window cavity.


The use of magnets in this way ensures that the seal of the unit doesn’t become compromised. It also ensures that the unit itself will be perfectly integrated into the windows.

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SV system - Cordless slider

This is one of our manual systems, designed to be used with Venetian blinds. It uses a single magnetic slider to control the entire thing through an ingenious design. The cordless slider makes it possible to fully control your blinds, raising, lowering, and tilting with the utmost ease, all without the need for a cord!

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S system - Slider

Another manual system, this time comprising of a 14mm pleated blind, which is integrated within a 20mm window cavity. Movement of the blind is then achieved via the use of a magnetic device affixed to the outer surface of the internal pane. By interfacing with another, similar internal magnet, which is located within the movable rail, the design of the S System is able to absorb any potential glass deflections.

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w swipe system - Solar powered

This system is used with Venetian or pleated style blinds. It uses a battery-operated engine to raise and lower the blinds by way of a control device, which is attached to the glass. It can also be operated via remote control, making it excellent in terms of convenience. The standard batteries are long-life and rechargeable, so you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing them for some time. Not only this, but the ingenious design of the battery charger ensures the system performs exceptionally well in residential and commercial environments.

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MB system - motorised brushless

Previous electrical blind control systems have made use of motors with brushes. The introduction of brushless motors has been a significant improvement. Our motorised brushless systems are of the highest quality available, ensuring they offer just as good an aesthetic experience as a practical one. These systems are best suited to the most prestigious projects.

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If you value speed and synchronicity in your blind movements, you should be aware that you can connect integral blinds to mains motors. These allow you to control everything with the press of a button on your remote.


Our unique control box for motorised blinds makes installation even easier, and also enhances the aesthetic qualities of your setup. You can even integrate it with existing home automation systems for even greater control.

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